From idea to solutions united

SHIP-LOG was founded in 2003. The foundation of SHIP-LOG was based on the concept of applying a modern outlook and knowledge of logistics to respond in the best possible manner to clients’ wishes and requirements. Knowledge is the basis of SHIP-LOG and has brought us to where we are today. SHIP-LOG has specialised in managing transport and consolidation worldwide. SHIP-LOG operates via our Freight Management Centres which are located centrally in Europe and Asia, where transports are managed by our dedicated key personnel in the individual divisions. We operate according to the principle “One World – One Contact”.

Centres are useful to many of our global cooperation partners and international clients.

SHIP-LOG cooperates with specialised independent providers, who all offer an extremely high level of service.
Each year since 2007, SHIP-LOG has been awarded the highest credit quality rating, triple A (AAA), which is awarded to companies that are particularly well equipped to meet current payment obligations. At the end of 2011 the SHIP-LOG Group launched its new logo: Solutions United™, which is in line with the development and profile of the Group on the logistics market: Transport from A → B through dedication, know-how and effectiveness with a smile – while taking the environment into consideration, as symbolised by the green colour at the centre of our logo.

In June 2017, a majority of the shares of SHIP-LOG was taken over by the Icelandic company Eimskip. The take-over allows SHIP-LOG to benefit from being a part of the company’s network as well as from the different facilities Eimskip controls & owns worldwide, without any changes in regards to strategy, activities and daily management of the SHIP-LOG Group itself. For further information on Eimskip, kindly refer to or contact our commercial/general management team.

SHIP-LOG – Solutions United™

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Steenholt
Group CEO & Founder